Christine & Simon.


Swiss patisserie’s history begins on opposite sides of the world before coming together today with Christine and Simon…

In 1937 Christine’s grandfather opened Cafe Tanner in Rapperswil Switzerland. It was here in the family business that her father Fritz Tanner developed his love of pastry cooking and the fine art of chocolate and confectionary. Fritz met Christine’s mother at Feller, a well known patisserie in Rueti. In 1988 they moved the young family to Australia and 8 months later, along with Fritz’s brother Hans and wife Krissy they opened Tanner’s Swiss Patisserie in Syndal, Victoria. It was well known and visited from far and wide for their specialty swiss cakes and chocolates for 20 years. 

In 1988 in Stanhope, not far from Shepparton Simon’s parents opened Malberns’s Bakery, where Simon spent many days helping his parents Mal and Bernadette with the doughs and cakes. 

Simon and Christine met at trade school where they completed award apprenticeships. Christine with dux in her final year and Simon with a silver medal at the World Skills Australia regional competition. Christine and Simon have lived in the area with their 4 sons for many years and are excited to open a new business serving the local community they love.

For 15 years Christine and Simon have been in the industry before achieving their dream with the opening of their own Swiss Patisserie.

Cafe Tanner - 1961 , Rapperswil Switzerland

Cafe Tanner - 1961, Rapperswil Switzerland

Barbra Tanner c.1970   - Apprenticeship final assessment

Barbra Tanner c.1970 - Apprenticeship final assessment